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Sweet tea, scrumptious eats, and Southern hospitality aren’t the only great finds of Virginia Beach; the bustling coastal city in southeastern Virginia is also the home of the next trend in standup paddling: SUP Barre. Created earlier this year by VB local, Whitney Fulton Lee, the activity blends our favorite watersport with the popular ballet-inspired workout, barre. Lee, an SUP enthusiast and barre instructor certified by Interactive Fitness Trainers of America, conceptualized the idea of SUP barre after getting into standup paddling just last year. Growing up on the water at Virginia Beach’s Crystal Lake and surfing at the oceanfront, SUP came to Lee naturally. And, as her paddling progressed, she began yearning for a different type of workout that combined SUP with her other passion, barre.

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SUP Barre for Beginners: The three SUP Barre moves from SUP Barre creator, Lee.

When it comes to SUP Barre, we’re all beginners. The new niche in SUP—created by Whitney Fulton Lee of Virginia Beach, Virginia—just hit the water in early June, and‘s contributing editor, Shari Coble was onsite to give it a whirl.
Lee’s SUP barre class took students through an introductory workout that started with entry-level moves and advanced with increasing challenge. Despite being completely new to barre, we were able to tackle it pretty well, according to instructor Lee (…or maybe she was just being nice?). Besides the fact that it’s a great full-body workout, SUP barre is also a low-impact and fun activity that just gives us another reason to get out on the water with our boards and paddles.

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