​​SUP Barre:Combining Barre and SUP was very natural for me. I have a passion for both and attempted to practice Barre moves on the SUP board in efforts to get a little extra fitness into a ride. I found the challenges of the Barre poses are intensified because your stability control is directly affected being on the water.

To maintain integrity in the poses with correct form, your Barre practice is even more effective andresults almost instant.Your core must react to keep stable and your muscles arestrengthenedto their deepest point.

Being on the SUP Board on top of the water, enjoying the upbeat music played during your Barre class, makes this such a unique and amazing experience. All your senses areawakenedand you can’t help but smile as you take in your surroundings holding barre poses. It is a rewarding hour for yourbody and soul. You will leave happier and healthier. I guarantee you will get hooked. 


SUP:Growing up on the water in Virginia Beach and living a beach lifestyle has been amazing for me. Any opportunity I get to be at the beach, and in the water, is guaranteed to be a great day. With waves being sparse and inconsistent for surfing, I immediately became drawn to Stand-Up Paddle for its versatility and ability to use it on any body of water. My first time on the board, I was instantly in love with the way it felt toglideon top of the ocean and how I felt even more connected with the water.

With SUP, you can adapt to it easily within a few minutes of being on the board, which makes it such a popular pastime right now for all ages and skill levels. It truly brings youcloser to nature to be in tune to your surroundings in a peaceful and serene way. I know you will find joy in the gliding on top of the water.  


Barre:Barre is a workout inspired by ballet and designed totrim, tighten, and toneyour body. Barre is adapted from specific moves and positions of ballet practice into a workout that targets the deepest point of your muscles through isometric poses and static holds.

The first time I took Barre, I knew it was something I really wanted to pursue. It is amazing to me that if you change your position just an inch, you feel that“burn” in your muscles and your muscles start to physically shake telling you that you are strengthening & toning. Once we release from those positions and stretch, your muscles immediately respond and lengthen creating long and leanfigures. I became a regular and saw my body changing. I wanted to teach it because I believe that it is the most effective workout and I have a passion to share that with my students.  

Barre is enjoyable because it is low impact, the music is upbeat, and there is community in the classes. You actually want tosmileduring the positions because the shaking and burning are actually good feelings meaning you are revving your metabolism, burning fat, and helping muscles throughout your entire body.  You will notice great improvement inflexibility and posturewhich improves your overall range of motion. The benefits of Barre are endless and truly amazing for all ages and skills.

 Time to glide and shake! 

Whitneya native of Virginia Beach, is a certified Barre and Yoga Instructor who has a love for Stand Up Paddle Boarding. Her husband John, native of Virginia Beach too, also enjoys being on the water. They decided to give each other Stand Up Paddle Boards to one another as their wedding gift. Anytime spent on the water together are their favorite memories.

Whitney's parents, beach lovers themselves, are the reason for Whitney's love of the ocean and being on the water. John and Whitney expanded the SUP Barre team and welcomed baby boy, Barret this Fall and can't wait to have a baby beach bum this summer! 

Meet Founder: Whitney Lee

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